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Research, capacity building, mentoring and consulting

We in FOCCAD have a vision to expand into a more recognized research and capacity building institution. This is why we have this part of the organization that has to look at our corporate and strategic direction on how we want to do this and we want to be in future. This is the program that works on strategic positioning and re- position of FOCCAD. This is our business department that has the future of the organization at heart and how best to create future organizations of FOCCADs calibre from the communities we serve. WE intend to build our own capacity and build the capacity of others through various strategies. FOCCAD has the capacity to engage in research or capacity building and training in areas of youth, sexual and reproductive health, stepping stones, monitoring and evaluation, project management theatre for development, peer education, life skills, gender and other areas. FOCCAD will also identify capacity and partner with other individuals and institutions in the case of research and capacity building opportunities where skills and expertise do not permit.

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