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Support for the elderly

CATHERINE CHILAMBA, 85 who hails from Makuta selemani village stays with her son who is crippled and cannot work due to his condition. The situation forces her to search for piece works to fill her table every day. Sometimes the sun goes without putting something in their tummies when no piece work has been found instead they rely on well –wishers to get food assistance.

The pictures above shows Catherine and her place where she sleeps

80 year old ABITI KHUMALO, lives in Vinthenga Village. She does not have children of her own hence she lives with her grandchildren born from other wives for his late husband. Since now she is old and weak, she relies on her step son who sometimes bring her food whenever he does piece works.

Pictures above shows Abiti Khumalo and a place where she sleeps

Lucy Amos Mujacha, 75, lives in Kasambandopa village with her grandchild and a son who is mentally disturbed. She do not have anything tangible to help her fetch food for her family, although, her grandchild sells charcoal, the business is not doing well and most of the times they go to bed with empty stomachs.

This is Gogo Lucy and a place where she sleeps

Abiti Zilole 94, hails from Vinthenga village. Due to old age, she developed leg problem and crawls that she is unable to walk distances to find food for her five-member family. Four grandchildren looks on her to get their tummies filled every day, the situation forces her to rely on well-wishers for support on daily basis. Just near to where she stays there is her poor 68 year old son, who also has a huge responsibility in his family; hence it becomes difficult to support the elderly mother.
80 year old Abiti Jimu, from vinthenga village, lives with a grandchild who helps her with house chores. she (the grandchild) goes to the lake with a basin to beg for fresh fish from fishermen and sells to buy food for their two-member home.
Abiti Mcdad, 85, from vinthenga village lives with her 2 grandchildren who are orphans. The elder child13, does piece works for their family’s survival.
Mercy Chindamba 86, from Makuta 1. Lives with her 2 grandchildren and her 92-year old elder sister. The two women relies on the grandchildren who does piece works to bring food in the family for their daily survival.
Hilda Kapeka, 86, from Malasa 1 is a head of their family as she looks after her 96-year old husband and 8-year old psychiatric grandchild. Their daily food comes after selling brooms which the husband makes. She does not have any alternate source of income, hence they sometimes a day goes without putting something in their mouths.
Kwindilima Muhaji, 80, comes from kapeta village. She lives with her 4 grandchildren a situation which makes her find it difficult to provide for the grandchildren from selling sugarcane which does not sell well. Sometimes they are rescued through well-wishers who gives them food.
Machaisi Mperanjira, 90, from kapeta village lives alone in her house but her 68- year old daughter, lives next to her and gives support. Despite being looked after her mother, the daughter has a huge responsibility for her family as she is widowed and finding piece works is never a joke. This sometimes leaves Machaisi vulnerable as she goes to bed on empty tummy..
80 year old Adija Mphongoro, comes from Njalamchiuno village. Together with her four grandchildren relies on well-wishers for support every day, a situation which leaves them vulnerable as the support does not suffice.
Mwanaisha Abiti Halidi, 94, from Sinde village takes care of her 4 grandchildren. It takes well-wishers to provide them with food since she is very old, weak and sick that she is unable to work and provide for the household. The grandchildren also are very young that they cannot do piece works to find food.
Sijawo Mahommed, 87, hails from Kawelama 1 village, it takes well-wishers to provide her with food since she is very old and weak that she is unable to work and find food for herself. ‘As long as I have seen the light for the day then it is well, whether I will eat today or not but it is well:’ that is her daily words Gogo Mahommed, whenever she wake up each morning.
Mwasada Abiti Awusi, 85, she comes from Kawelama 1 village. She lives with her grandson who goes to school, the class 6 pupil after knocking off she goes with her granny to the lake to beg for relish. Well-wishers mostly rescues her from giving them food. Not even does she have a blanket to cover her up when sleeping..
Amina Mwinyehere, 85, hails from Njalamchiuno village. Her grandchildren are the one who fetch for food daily since she is weak and sick, sometimes, when no piece works have been found they sleep with empty tummies. ghghh



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