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Support for child headed homes

Eliza Majoni 17,
hails from Kasambandopa village, with her 19 year old brother; they started living alone 4 years ago a situation which forced him to quit school and venture into casual labor for their survival. Since finding a piece work is not a joke, most of the times they go to bed on empty tummies.
Eliza and her brother in the picture and this is where Eliza sleeps (right)
 Ali Gama, 18,
from Malasa 1, has a big responsibility taking care of his 7 siblings and her grandmother. He do not have reliable income generating activity hence he relies on piece works and assistance from well-wishers.
The picture shows, Ali with his siblings (two were still at school) and her grandmother.
 Tamara Pechi
With her grandmother and her siblings all under her care, (2nd picture) shows part of the house and (3rd picture) a mat where Tamara sleeps with her siblings with just rappers to cover themselves till morning
 Brenda Liwewe, 15,
from kapeta village. For 2 years Brenda has been living alone with her elder brother, who now went to her mother’s village living her alone. Her mother’s sister took Brenda into her house, but she do not manage to feed all the children because she is weak (hiv +) and cannot work properly.
1st picture shows Brenda, her aunt and her children. Brenda sleeps on that mat without blankets only a rapper to cover herself up till morning.


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