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Founded on 20th March 2002, The Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD) is a Malawian not for profit local NGO registered under the Limited companies Act No 19 of 1984 aimed at creating social change on the lives of marginalized groups through rights based approaches to programming and development. The organization exists to enhance the capacity of rural and local communities in responding to their own problems through provision of basic and key services, capacity building and mentoring, providing an opportunity for networking, collaboration and information sharing, consulting and lobbying and advocating for positive HIV and AIDS response in Malawi. FOCCAD is a member of the Malawi Network of Aids Service Organization and the National Youth Council of Malawi. FOCCAD is governed by a 10 member board and a senior management committee composed of the Executive Director, Program Manager, Finance and Admin Manager and M&E Officer. FOCCAD is currently funded by Positive Action for Children Fund, Tools for Self Reliance, Staying Alive Foundation and Presbyterian Hunger Program. FOCCAD has already financial management policies, systems and procedures in place and employs 10 full time staff

What we do and what we have done so far

  • Refer clients for PMTCT related services

    PMTCT project goal was to contribute to preventing further spread of HIV and mitigating the impact of AIDS in Malawi. The following were the objectives of the project; To increase access and uptake to quality and comprehensive community based PMTCT services among pregnant women, lactating mothers and couples in five areas in T/A Malengachanzi and Mphonde in Nkhotakota district, to increase access and uptake to quality Sexual and Reproductive Health related services among women living with HIV, their spouses and discordant couples in five areas of T/A Malengachanzi and Mphonde in Nkhotakota district, To promote community based targeted evidence based HIV prevention services among women planning to have families, pregnant and lactating mothers and new mothers in five areas of T/A Malengachanzi and Mphonde in Nkhotakota district by September.

  • HIV Testing AND Counselling Under PMTCT

    FOCCAD managed to reach a total of 1,024 people reached with HIV Testing Counselling services .34 Males and 69 Females below 14 years. 134 males and 206 females between the ages of 15-24 years and 235 males and 348 females above 25 years and also 130 couples under PMTCT activities.

  • Adolescent HIV Preventation Project

    The Project goal was, contributing to the reduction of further spread of HIV among adolescent girls and boys aged 12-24 for quality and productive lives in busy and high risk fishing and urban settlements and Lake Shore communities. It had three objectives as follows; 1. Favourable environments created for adolescents and young people aged 12-24 to improve availability and accessibility to quality HIV and AIDS prevention related services 2. Accurate information and education accessed by adolescents and young people aged 12-24 in exercising their sexual health and reproductive rights against stigma for HIV prevention and to increase local partner collaboration networking and coordination in relation to advocacy issues and capacity in HIV and AIDS prevention for adolescents and young people aged 12-24 .

  • Health governance– PAPHATA Project-Tilitonse Fund

    The Project Goal was, NKK Health service providers are responsive to the health needs of children born to HIV positive mothers in T/A Mwadzama and Senior Chief Malengachanzi. The objectives are; Increased capacity and skills of village development Committees (VDCs), Village Health Committees (VHCs) to engage the health centre and hospital staff in dialogue on the welfare the Children born to HIV positive mothers and Increased , dialogue between duty bearers and rights holders on promotion of survival among children born from HIV positive mothers.

  • Livelihoods– Vocational Training and Agriculture

    The goal of the project was, to improve social economic independence and livelihoods of vulnerable and poor youth and women in fishing and communities of Nkhotakota and Ntchisi districts. The following were the objectives; to increase accessibility to community based business and artisanal micro- ventures targeting poor and vulnerable fishing youth, young sex workers, minibus call boys, bicycle taxi operators and curio boys and OVC headed households To improve artisanal skills of vulnerable fishing girls and boys, young sex workers, minibus call boys, bicycle taxi operators and curio boys and OVC headed households for quality and competitive production of goods, To increase capacity of FOCCAD and community rural and urban artisanal groups of women and young people to effectively design and implement quality and comprehensive livelihoods programs.

  • Village Savings and Loans

    Village Savings and Loans (VSL) were also integrated into 9 farmers clubs with a total membership of 210, 49 males and 161 females.

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